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Aug24th 2017

I am a senior citizen and have my share of aches pains and several falls. I have been to many therapist and finally found a fantastic therapist named Mac. Then after several months of actually not falling I lost track of him. Recently, yes your right, I fell again and called Mac only to find out he left thee to start his own place. Of course, they wouldn’t tell me where so I started my own search and to make a long story short I FOUND HIM. He is at AxisPro with a thriving business, The thing I like most about Mac is that he is kind but firm, gives his personal attention to each one of his patients and his professionalism is beyond reproach. I can already see a difference in my pain level just since been reunited with him. His staff makes you feel like you are special and treat you with utmost respect. I would recommend Mac and AxisPro for the GO TO in physical therapy. You won’t be sorry and you won’t ever go anywhere else again