Basic protective measures against the new Coronavirus

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Steven M.

Jun26th 2020

At 71 and a Brevard resident for over 40 years, and only 1.5 years of experience with health insurance, I was a bit skeptical about the kind of care I would receive. I will say that my experiences have been mostly good or very good but staying alert has proven to be important for me. My opinion of the PT Team at Axis Pro and the facilities in Melbourne is that they have been outstanding. I felt like I was participating in the Treatment Plan as it unfolded over the month of March and my condition improved. In addition, despite the large issue of Covid19 looming out there, my therapy continued without any distractions. The office managers handled my scheduling efficiently and with kindness. Finally, in the beginning, when my doctor first recommended Mac’s Axis Pro, and I saw the 21-mile round trip, which for me was significant, I hesitated. However, after three sessions I consciously dismissed the driving issue. Highest Rating!